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Best Gift for Girls

Every girl has mermaid princess dream. The best birthday gift for little girl who have a mermaid dream that can make her dream come true!

Also, our PrettyGirl's Mermaid Tail Set is very cute and beautiful, perfect for
1. Mermaid theme pool party
2. Summer swimming and surfing
3.Take photos on beach holiday
4. Winter enjoying a hot spring or a sauna

Package list

4PCS: 1* Mermaid Tail Dress + 1* Bra + 1* Shorts + 1* Garland

5PCS: 1* Mermaid Tail Dress + 1* Bra + 1* Shorts + 1* Garland + 1* Flipper Monofin

10PCS: 1* Mermaid Tail Dress + 1* Bra + 1* Shorts + 1* Garland + 1* Flipper Monofin + 1* Necklace + 1* Bracelet + 1* Ring + 1 Pair of Ear Clips

Please Note: We can see the beautiful three-dimensional effect on the pictures, because of the little girl wore the swimsuit and tail with the flipper. So it's recommeded to order the flipper together. Also the flipper can help swim, increase foot strength and maintain body balance.

Size Chart

The quality fabric is high elasticity for comfortable wearing, you can select the size according the kids height. For example, if your kid is 131-140cm height, you can select 140 Size.

Q1 = Size
Q2 = Tail Length
Q3 = Tail Waist
Q4 = Tail Hip
Q5 = Recommeded Height

How To Use

1. Swimmable If put a Monofin flipper in the tail
2. Walkable because at the bottom of the mermaid tail is hollow out
3. The bottom of the mermaid tail can be Closed by Buttons
4. The side of the mermaid tail can be opened by zipper
5. Gently hand wash the mermaid tail, squeezing excess water out gently. Then hang dry the mermaid swimsuit.

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