A mobile phone case or a wallet case protects the mobile phone, while at the same time being both stylish and practical. Here you will find a variety of covers and cases for several well-known mobile phone brands, both older models and newer mobile phones. iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max & Samsung Galaxy S10 are just a few examples of phones you can find covers for.

    We have a large selection of fun, stylish, and cheap mobile cases for iPhone, Samsung cases, cases for Huawei, Sony, and even more! With us, you will find cases and covers for mobile phones from brands.

    Mobile phone case & wallet case in different materials
    Choose from shells in e.g. hard plastic, silicone shell, or models in the durable material D3O, which provides increased protection if you drop your phone. To protect your phone a little extra, we also want to recommend adding a durable screen protector.

    You will find both transparent shells and variants in all possible colors and patterns. Maybe you are craving a floral shell, maybe you are stuck for the marble trend, or why not a classic mobile shell in black leather. You hear, you can find an alternative that suits your personal style. Match the shell with your outfit or color match the shell with your other gadgets, such as your powerbanks or your headphones.

    When it comes to mobile cases, we have both models in imitation leather and genuine leather, and practical magnetic cases for mobile phones. We also have mobile covers with a slot, a protection and an extra wallet in one so to speak. Buy mobile covers for your smartphone directly online with free shipping over SEK 399, or come to the store. You can also book online and pick up in store.

    Here you can read more and be inspired by trendy and protective mobile phone cases and cases. You will also learn more about the strong and protective material D3O.

    Also look into our Bargain Corner where you can make bargains among cheap mobile phone cases.

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